Optional Tours to make your stay more fun

Would you fancy exploring your area of interest a bit more while you are at APPI?
Try one of our optional bus tours to enhance your skiing experience in Japan, or enjoy outing in the local area.

Bus to Hakkoda

  • HAKKODA – A Deep Powder Paradise
    Overwhelmingly deep powder makes Hakkoda a mecca for backcountry skiers and snowboarders with runs as long as 7 km. Unique to Hakkoda experience is “Snow Monsters” make up scenic backdrop to your adventure. Water droplets in the air clash with the trees and freeze on the tree surface in a specific condition, forming “Snow Monsters”. The 101-person Hakkoda Ropeway gondola brings skiers and riders up direct to the summit in 10 minutes. Once reached there, it’s all yours!
Operation period Winter Season
Passengers Hotel Guests Only
Fare Fare to be determined by the number of participants.
Payment Please contact the hotel staff in advance.

Bus to Shimokura Ski Area

Our shuttle bus links APPI to Shimokura ski area where different skiing experience awaits you.

  • SHIMOKURA Ski Area
    Shimokura is run by Hachimantai Resort which runs Panorama ski area in its vicinity.
    Shimokura runs are for intermediate and advanced powder skiers and riders with a vertical drop of 550 meters, 37 degrees maximum, 2.7 km run as its longest.
Operation period Every Tue. and Fri. between Jan. 5 and Mar. 9
Passengers APPI Hotel Guests only
Fare 2,000 yen for round trip(tax included)
Capacity 1 to 18 persons

Bus Timetable

Hotel APPI Grand (dep.) 8:00 am
Shimokura Ski Area (arr.) 8:40 am
Shimokura Ski Area (dep.) 2:00 pm
Hotel APPI Grand (arr.) 2:40 pm

Night Outing in Hachimantai

Because you came all the way from your home to Japan, it would be more fun if you go out to explore Japanese night life in the local area. Dine at a local Japanese restaurant over drinks, good Sake perhaps, or enjoy shopping at a supermarket, or look for some Japanese souvenir.
You can do whatever you like as long as you don’t forget to catch the last bus back to the hotel.

Operation period Every Tue. Thu. Sat. between Dec. 23 and Mar. 10 (except Dec. 30 to Jan. 3)
Passengers Anyone
Fare 500 yen for one way/ 1,000 yen for round trip (age 7 and above)
APPI hotel dinner coupons can be exchanged for bus tickets or Hachimantai local vouchers.
Ask hotel reception for help when you want to exchange hotel dinner coupons.
Reservation NOT required
Payment Pay in cash or charge it to your room

Bus Timetable

1st bus 2nd bus
Hotel APPI Grand (dep.) 5:30pm 7:00pm
MaxValu Supermarket (arr.) 5:55pm 7:25pm
Mitsuyaguchi (arr.) 6:04pm 7:34pm
Fuga Park (arr.) 6:07pm 7:37pm
Ohbuke Station (arr.) 6:10pm 7:40pm
1st bus 2nd bus
Ohbuke Station (dep.) 7:50pm 9:20pm
Fuga Park (arr.) 7:53pm 9:23pm
Mitsuyaguchi (arr.) 7:56pm 9:26pm
MaxValu Supermarket (arr.) 8:05pm 9:35pm
Hotel APPI Grand (arr.) 8:30pm 10:00pm