Competition pack

Competition pack

We supporting the welcome day

Competition pack fee

Apply for the competition pack fee if you use 3 groups of 9 people or more! Inquiry 0195-73-5311(reception time/9:00-17:00)

We support competition holding, competition secretary.

Appointed as a secretary of competition… The first manager of a golf competition. For such a visitor, please contact the Appi Kogen golf club. We will support you to welcome the day.
(1) Depending on the number of groups, rental competition is also possible (consultation required) (2) Shotgun start is also possible in a large competition By starting at the start of all 18 holes without limiting the start hall to the 1st hole, the time difference between the first and final sets is end and shorten the waiting time for the award ceremony and the competition party.
(3) We also accept the preparation for competition prizes and attraction flags. Of course we can also arrange competition prizes and attraction flags. Even if the competition prizes have prepared by the customers, if store them on the morning of the day. We will carry them to the party hall without bothering the secretary. (4) We will respond to a wide variety of competitions. We will respond to your requests such as HDCP battles, W-Perrier countdowns, men and women and group battles.

The competition party and the award ceremony venue are also complete!!

Please use it for the party after the and of the golf competition.We will prepare hors d’oeuvres and drinks according to your budget.
Competition room Number of tables Seating capacity
MIZUNARA 15 tables 180 people
YAMABOUSHI 5 tables 60 people
KOBUSHI 3 tables 36 people
HANAMIZUKI 3 tables 36 people
YAMAZAKURA 2卓 24 people
NANAKAMADO 2 tables 24 people
¥3,000 (including tax) charge when using seats only.

It is essential to the competition! Hall recommended for attractions is here!

Dragon recommended hole
  • Hachimantai course №3 (Renge Tsutsuji)

    PAR5 BLUE/522y WHITE/489y

  • Hachimantai course №7 (KikuzakiIchige)

    PAR5 BLUE/372y WHITE/353y

  • Iwatesan course №3 (Yamazakura)

    PAR5 BLUE/417y WHITE/399y

  • Iwatesan course №6 (Nanakamado)

    PAR5 BLUE/420y WHITE/385y

  • Towada course №5 (Himegifucho)

    PAR4 BLUE/339y WHITE/322y

  • Towada course №7 (Yamatoshizimi)

    PAR5 BLUE/475y WHITE/475y

  • Ryugamori course №4 (Ooruri)

    PAR4 BLUE/507y WHITE/485y

  • Ryugamori course №9 (Akagera)

    PAR5 BLUE/470y WHITE/405y

Near pin recommended hole
  • Hachimantai course №4 (Katakuri)

    PAR3 BLUE/214y WHITE/171y

  • Hachimantai course №8 (Rindou)

    PAR3 BLUE/184y WHITE/162y

  • Iwatesan course №5 (Kaede)

    PAR3 BLUE/195y WHITE/175y

  • Iwatesan course №8 (Kobushi)

    PAR3 BLUE/182y WHITE/155y

  • Towada course №3 (Midorishizimi)

    PAR3 BLUE/159y WHITE/145y

  • Towada course №8 (Ruritateha)

    PAR3 BLUE/138y WHITE/124y

  • Ryugamori course №3 (Yamagara)

    PAR3 BLUE/166y WHITE/140y

  • Ryugamori course №7 Akahara

    PAR3 BLUE/181y WHITE/144y

Reservations and inquiries by telephone0195-73-5311(reception time / 9:00〜17:00)

Appi Kogen Golf Culb / 180-1, Appi-kogen, Hachimantai-shi, Iwate-ken, 028-7306