First day 15:00

Check In

The start of the journey is from check-in. Friendly professional staff will greet you at the sophisticated resort hotel lobby.

First day 16:00

A moment in your room

You arrive at your room, leave your luggage and rest. A variety of rooms and natural landscapes of the Appi kogen that spread beyond the windows welcome you.

First day 17:00

Cycling around

You rent a bicycle and cycle around Appi kogen. We offer courses with few trials that design for everyone to enjoy cycling.

First day 18:00


Appi dinner with fresh local produce. Please spend a special time enjoying the glamorous show.

First day 20:00

Viewing night sky & fireflies

Please look at the starry sky at the Appi Forest after dinner. You can also see the fantastic scenery of fireflies dancing for a limited time.

First day 21:30

Enjoy an open-air bath

The last place on the first day is the hot spring. Please enjoy the largest open-air bath in the Tohoku area, “Shiroi no Yu”.

Second day 6:00

The Sea of clouds in the early morning at gondola

The start of the second day is from the top of Maemoriyama peak in the early morning. You can enjoy the view of the sea of clouds spreading under your eyes and the magnificent Iwate mountain with a high probability of 73%.

Second day 7:30

Please have the best breakfast on the terrace.

Please have breakfast on the open terrace of the Kogen Hotel. You can enjoy a varied menu using local produce.

Second day 9:00

Forest Bathing at beech forest walk

To “Nakano Makiba” slightly away from the hotel. A vast meadow and mountains surrounded by a beech forest spread in front of you. Please take a walk through the secondary beech forest and enjoy the forest bathing.

Reasonable plan

雲海とゴンドラ The July sea of cloud Rate is 73%! ★ Trip to discover the scenery that impressed ● Plan for the Sea of cloud Gondola Sightseeing & with 1 drink at Unkai Cafe  
2食付き宿泊プラン 《Green season April-November》 Half board accommodation plan  
朝食付き宿泊プラン 《Green season April-November》 accommodation plan with breakfast  

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