Resort Information


The new bar opens from AUG 2017 and gives you high quality of resort night. Please enjoy your drinks with watching star-like illumination.

◎OPEN 2000〜2330(Last Order 2300) *Sat Only 2000〜24:00(Last Order 2330) ◎VIP SPACE / ROOM Boxed Space(〜4p)…5,000 yen Whole Room(〜20p)…20,000 yen ◎DRINKS Beer: from 900 yen Whisky: from 1,500 yen Sake: from 900 yen Sho-chu: from 950 yen Glass Red/White Wine: from 1,000 yen Bottle Red/White Wine: from 6,000 yen Cocktail: from 950 yen Non-alcohol Cocktail: from 831 yen ◎FOOD Today’s Pasta: from 1,500 yen Mixed Pizza: from 1,500 yen Assorted Sausage: from 1,200 yen Assorted Cheese: from 1,200 yen Deep-fried Potato: from 700 yen Mixed Nuts: from 500 yen Chocolate: from 500 yen ◎NOTE Entry Fee 648 yen